Omega-3 Revolution


The horrible smell that result in burps and stomach issues are dying processed fish.  The capsule or pill is nothing more than a coffin trying to preserve the rotting until it is consumed.   Fish oil is not only ineffective, it’s inhumane.

{This Article is Featured @ Natural News}

Why do we have to kill fish to get the essential fatty acids and other nutrients they offer?  You don’t!  Their nutrients come from lower on the food chain, from the plant-like phytoplankton they feed on.  Phytoplankton feeds more of the world’s animal life then all other food combined!!

The very first alternative to fish oil has been created and is now being sold live!  It is superior to fish and krill oil in almost every imaginable way.  Taking live PhytOriginal on a daily basis provides the same nutrients as the highest quality fish oil – and is guaranteed the best.

PhytOriginal is grown and distributed from Chicago in our state-of-the-art growth clean room.  Each batch is produced using the finest quality and strain of phytoplankton with pure Nannochloropsis oculata marine phytoplankton.

PhytOriginal protects your heart, increases joint mobility, improves your skin and more!

Learn more now.  PhytOriginal is live and raw.   Join the movement demanding fresh & live supplements!

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