The problem with fish oil supplements

An analysis this past January by Labdoor of thirty of the top brands of fish oil supplements showed significant mislabeling, misrepresentations, and mercury contamination (though far below the safety thresholds, it was still present in the supplements).

Meanwhile, it’s well established that Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to combating the effects of our highly inflammatory lifestyle, with a range of benefits from promoting cardiovascular health to decreasing the risk and effects of autoimmune disorders, to healthy brain function. Consumers are constantly bombarded with mixed messages: we should eat fish and take fish oil to be healthy, meanwhile, the fish in our oceans are toxic and fish oils are misrepresented and possibly dangerous!


Why is live phytoplankton superior to fish oil supplements?
As soon as an organism is harvested and killed, the cells begin to break down and that organism loses some degree of nutritional density. Ever hear nutritionists spout off about the super health benefits of eating sprouts? Since they’re living things when you consume them, you enjoy them at their optimum, nutritionally speaking.

When you buy fish oil supplements you are buying a product that’s been heavily processed to extend shelf life and avoid rancidity. Not only that, there’s no quality control on the fish that the product came from, nor is there oversight or regulation on how it’s labeled. In a perfect world, maybe it would make sense for humans to eat a diet rich with seafood, but that’s simply not practical anymore, as our oceans and seas become increasingly polluted.

Live phytoplankton is a superior fish oil alternative and replacement because you are getting the nutrients in their optimum state–while it’s still alive and before cell degradation has taken place. In addition, you can be assured that Aqua Health Labs cultivated phytoplankton were not exposed to ocean pollution, and that the product does not contribute to the environmental impacts of overharvesting our oceans. You know exactly what you’re getting, because every step of the production process is handled in our Chicago facility under specific quality control conditions.

If you’re concerned at all about the environment and your health, there is simply no comparison between live phytoplankton and fish oil capsules. Live phytoplankton is the healthful, conscionable choice.




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