The 7 Easiest Way to Stay Healthy

Sick and tired of getting sick and tired??  Want to improve your well-being, have more energy and maybe even live longer? Start working some of these fun immune boosters into your regular schedule, and you may be able to ward off illness better in the future.

1. Singing

Research shows that singing is an effective immunity booster – even if you’re off-key. So sing in the shower in the morning. Sing in the car during your commute. Sing at home when you’re doing the dinner dishes. But don’t sing at work. That would be weird. (Just sayin’.)

2. Laughing

According to a variety of studies, laughter activates protective T-cells and increases antibody production. So listen to a hilarious podcast or shock-jock while you get ready for work. Watch an episode of your favorite sitcom while you eat breakfast. Watch a stand-up DVD during dinner. Crack open a funny book before you hit the hay. The more you LOL on a daily basis, the more you help your immune system stay strong. (And the nice thing about laughter is, it’s often contagious. So you can spread the healthy benefits to others!)

3. Probiotics

The health of the GI tract plays a big role in bolstering the immune system. In fact, Amanda Bontempo, a registered dietitian at NYC’s Montefiore-Einstein Center for Cancer Care, told upwave that “the health of the GI system determines the health of the immune system.” A major key to digestive health? Probiotics such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso and sourdough bread, all of which contain so-called “good bacteria” that helps your GI tract do its thang.

4. Human touch

Getting a massage, hugging, holding hands, having sex — all lower the body’s immunity-weakening cortisol levels. According to research, getting a 45-minute massage also bolsters pathogen-fighting white blood cells and reduces inflammatory cytokines, which have been connected to autoimmune diseases. Having sex, hugging and holding hands cause our bodies to release cortisol-lowering oxytocin, making them awesome immune-system improvers. Some experts, in fact, recommend eight hugs a day to take your oxytocin benefits to the max. So get your hug on!

5. Omega-3s – DHA & EPA

Our body needs all 3 of the Omega-3′s to stay healthy.  The essential Omega Acid,  EPA, is only found in phytoplankton and marine algae and is necessary for your mind and body to continue running on full steam!   Supplement your diet with PhytOriginal once a day boosts to your immune system.  One dropoer, that’s it!

6. Solid shut-eye

Studies have found that sleep deprivation lowers your T-cell count, thereby reducing your body’s ability to fight off disease-causing pathogens. If you don’t get eight hours of sleep on a regular basis, start taking steps to improve your sleep hygiene now. For tips (which include making 2 p.m. your last call for caffeine), check out our Start A Healthy Sleep Routine Challenge.

7. Moderate exercise

Exercise doesn’t just help your body fight infection: Research shows that it also decreases your risk of getting diseases such as osteoporosis and cancer. Even taking a 20-minute walk every day will strengthen your body’s disease-fighting capabilities — 10 minutes out, and 10 minutes back. That’s it!

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