Why Live Phytoplankton is Superior

We have grown up being told that fresh vegetables are always the best – But why?  Frozen vegetables lose many of their nutrients, just like marine phytoplankton.  It is important to understand what happens to phytoplankton cells when they are frozen or dried.  Aqua Health Labs believes in providing the highest quality product and is the only source of live phytoplankton sold on the market.  Many companies claim to have live algae cells but it’s important to learn the basic living conditions they need in order to survive.  Without the basics, like refrigeration and the correct salinity level, it is impossible to keep the cells from dying.

What is Required for Marine Phytoplankton to Stay Alive?

  • Live phytoplankton must be kept refrigerated at all times to slow its metabolic rate so they can survive in the finite nutrient conditions within the bottle. Similar to keeping yogurt or milk cold so the bacteria stays alive
  • Live phytoplankton will always be in its natural liquid form
  • Live phytoplankton will only survive in very specific salt water conditions
  • There must be dissolved CO2 in the solution as a carbon source to promote photosynthesis

What happens when it is left at room temperature?

  • The metabolic rate increases making the cells seek out high levels of nutrients, essentially killing itself through starvation
  • Cells start dying within 48 hours and will become brown and decay
  • As decomposition takes place nitrogen, phosphorous and CO2 all rise dramatically
  • The ph will decrease causing the solution to become acidic
  • Beneficial nutrients decompose to their basic organic form – EPA, DHA, and all the Omega-3 essential fatty acids are no longer existent

Why Does Freeze Drying Not Work?

  • Freeze drying prevents decomposition, but kills the phytoplankton
  • Cells are mostly made from water, freezing them causes ice to form and rupture the cell
  • All of the beneficial compounds found in the cell are broken down into basic organic compounds, losing all benefits for taking phytoplankton.
  • When phytoplankton dies it releases everything it has absorbed (all omega-3 nutrients) back into the water column.
  • The nutrient filled water is removed by the manufacturer to reduce shipping costs.

Many manufacturers claim they can provide the same benefits as a living algae culture, but this is scientifically impossible.  Basic cellular biology discredits these claims that are used to mislead customers.   Aqua Health Labs live phytoplankton is the only known supplier of LIVING phytoplankton sold on the market.  Shipped and stored cold to ensure you receive all of the nutrients phytoplankton offers.  Just like your vegetables, fresh is always best!

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