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Meditation: A Bodybuilder’s Perspective

As a bodybuilder… things can so compressed that it almost seems impossible to put it all together.  Too many concerns and having to be so regime to a schedule.  It seems that at times we have no freedom.  Training, cooking, preparing meals, stretching, posing, and that’s just for our sport. Many of us have full time jobs, kids, a spouse, … Continue reading

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Follow and Achieve

So many people want to know just what I do?  How do I do it?  Why do I it this way? The simple answer I give… simply Follow and Achieve!!! Most think that this is as simple as counting calories, doing more cardio, trying zumba, taking yoga, or just do the latest techniques in the gym.  I have watched so … Continue reading

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Aqua Health Labs Sponsors Pro Athlete Cynthia Rodriguez

Chicago based Aqua Health Labs has signed on to sponsor Pro Bikini Competitor Cynthia Rodriguez for the 2014/2015 season effective September 2014. PRLog – Sep. 4, 2014 – NEW YORK — Pro bikini athlete Cynthia Rodriguez will compete at several upcoming professional competitions, including the Gaspari Classic in Cape Cod on October 11, 2014. At age 39, without the help … Continue reading

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Pursuit of a Dream

In pursuit of your dream… the ideas, the concepts, the moment you can almost feel … even before it happens.  Everything seems to support and encourage the goal at hand. Music motivates you, movies tell you that it can be done, your meeting new and exciting people…wow, its all a possibility. Now your halfway thru your journey… the road no longer paved, … Continue reading

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Success: A 3 Step Plan

So you want the plan??? 1st: Have the desire to be better. 2nd: The will to improve and 3rd: The courage to face your fears. Now your ready!   Its not always easy to fix your mistakes… bad habits, excuses, fear, doubt … you name it, but these are things you will convince yourself of.  I’m too old, its too … Continue reading

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The Omega-3 Index

The American Heart Association reports that coronary heart disease (CHD) is the number one killer of American men and women, accounting for more than one of every five deaths in the United States, usually as sudden death from cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, about 95% of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital.   Researchers have discovered that one of … Continue reading

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Higher omega-3 fatty acids in blood and from diet predict lower heart disease rates… AGAIN!

The scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health studied the relationship between omega-3 fatty acids and heart disease rates… AGAIN!  They found that people who ate more omega-3s AND had higher levels of omega-3s in their blood had lower rates of heart disease.  This kind of study is not new, however, it is important for a number of reasons. … Continue reading

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Just do the work already

I have been in this industry for almost 20 years. The road has not been easy and just when I was about to be content with what I had done, hang up my trunks and say farewell … BOOOM, I sky rocketed into a new level. Placing top 5 at a National Show, being in magazines, signing with a supplement … Continue reading

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Could the Craze Over Omega-3s Destroy Our Oceans?

Whether we’re cart surfing down the supermarket’s vitamin aisle or judging our parents as they take notes on a Dr. Oz debate, we’ve all heard of the trendy “omega-3s.” In fact, it seems that almost every month, some sort of new research is released that highlights how omega-3s can improve the health of an alcoholic’s brain or even minimize skin … Continue reading

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Walk the Walk… Just don’t talk about it.

Increase in me that wisdom which discovers my truest interest, strengthen my resolution to perform that which wisdom dictates.  - Franklin I read this week that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step… TRUE.  But have you, did you, and can you stay to that path and finish all thousand steps?  It’s easy to talk and tell people you’re going … Continue reading

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