“PhytOriginal is the most effective supplement I’ve ever used for joint pain. I recommend it to every client of mine.” ~Danny Musico

Danny Musico is a former Olympic Boxing team member a former Golden Glove Champion and a 2 Time Professional World Super MiddleWeight Boxing Champion , He has been a on air commentator for ESPN, HBO & USA Networks , He has been a serious regular cast member of Law & Order SVU , Third Watch , Joan of Arcadia , Entourage ,He has starred in such movies as Witness to the Mob with Robert Dinero & Tom Sizemore , Hell’s Kitchen with Angelina Jolie & Mekhi Phifer , & This Thing of Ours with James Caan & Vinnie Pastore , Has Done Numerous National Brand Commercials & Modeled for Kenneth Cole , Claiborne for men , Levi’s ,Calvin Klien, Canali , Armani, Hugo Boss & Fila , He is the Owner of Beverly Hills Boxing & Fitness Located Rooftop of the 60 Hotel in Beverly Hills, Ca and is considered Hollywoods #1 Celebrity Trainer & has worked with the likes of Jessica Simpson , The Cast of Entourage , Leonardo Dicaprio ,Sylvester Stallone , Justin Bieber, Toby Maguire , Carrie Underwood , Demi Moore , Hillary Swank , Forest Whittaker , Etc He Represents such Brands As Biosteel , UnderArmour, CrossRope, Airfeet, Basis, Bosu, Surge , Nexersys , Cybex, IronGrip, Salsbury Industries , Recovery Pump, Etc He is also the Owner of Danny Musico Enterprises Raising Capital , Executive Producing , Film & Television Projects Worldwide .

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