“PhytOriginal is a revolutionary product. It started reducing inflammation in my knees and shoulders in the first week. As a champion bodybuilder my joints take a lot of punishment – PhytOriginal works amazing so I can push myself.” ~Jeremiah Taylor

My name is Jeremiah Taylor,  I am a fitness enthusiast, husband, and father. I am the second child of 8. I am originally from Tennesse and have been a proud Texan for 14 years. I call my son The Rascal. I do have a regular job in retail, but I really enjoy doing social marketing for the INBF/WNBF primarily for Dave Goodin and Diana Hurley in Texas, but for the whole federation as well. They want people to know you can get fit with doing it legally and drug free. The website is www.worldnaturalbb.com.  It is a natural federation dedicated to promoting their athletes and giving competitors and fans a great time. I also do social marketing for Team Blackout Fitness Modelz founded by Billy Dee Williams (not Lando Calrissian) https://m.facebook.com/blackoutfitmodelz. I also work with Team ODF https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=683341785028753. They are a group that has competitors compete in several organizations founded by Todd Rogers. I wish this product was out years ago from my mother who suffers from severe arthritis. This product is great for anyone, it is natural, great for your joints, and better than fish oil. The staff at Aqua Health Labs gets your product to you in 2 to 3 days time! My links are as follows https://m.facebook.com/JtsAthletePageMensPhysique (athletes page), My profile has a JT symbol. I am @rascalness on Instagram,  Rascaldaddy__jt on Twitter, and ShowstopperJT on Tumblr. Make sure to like and share  Team Blackout Fitness Modelz and ODF. Make sure to follow @AquaHealthLabs!
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