Bodybuilding Over 40 & New Challenges

I am soon to be 44 years old male and have just completed my 3 year of weight lifting. I have lost 39 lbs but I struggle in a few areas. 1. My belly has gone down, but it is still not flat enough and I still have a pouch. 2. I am not getting bigger arms like I would like and 3. I have that junk food craving and always give in. I do keep my calorie count to around 2000 a day plus or minus a couple of hundred. i weight train at least 4 whats a viagra yahoo days a week with an 1 off day and a couple days of generic cialis toning. I work 11 hour days and have a 1 hour commute each way. Would should I do now. I have been taking oxyelite pro thermogenic and am now cycling off that. Try and have a 60 gram protein drink at least once a day and use animal rage as a preworkout which just hurts my stomach now but using it up. Wow, sounds to me like your burning the candle at both ends and finding no room to enjoy what your doing much less seeing the benefit of your time in the gym. So lets take a different approach … don’t count calories??? You’re not following them anyhow. Seeing as you eat a bit more here and there. Dieting is about consistency. Use this formula for your nutrition ratios. Take your lean body mass, now be honest brother, saying your or using 12% body fat will viagra generic only hurt you, if your 32% then use that. Trust me this will work but you have viagra viagra generic indonesia to be honest with yourself. LBM x1.5 for protein count per day genericcialis-pharmacy LBM x .0.5 for fat count per day Do not count fat in protein as fat… or protein / carbohydrates in fat for protein / carbohydrates. Keep things separate … divide the numbers by 6 for your nutrition ratios per meal. Carbs are the interesting part. Since we still have some belly fat to lose, we will only have carbohydrates around training. So lets begin with a pre training meal of cream of rice at about 25-50g, add some natural peanut butter to slow down the digestion. During training, i want you to use a high molecular weight carbohydrate like Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin. Because we want your arms and other body parts to grow we will add in BCAA, EAA’s, Creatine and Glutamine to mix. But we will genericcialis-pharmacy monitor the carbohydrate use as i recommend anywhere from 50-150g during your training. Post training is very important as split cialis in half well. This is where you grow the most. I usually suggest steak with potato. But this will be the carbohydrate consumption for the day. All other meals will be protein and fat. Cardio is our last component. i would like for you to begin your day with fasted cardio. a quick 15-20min HIIT session is very effective and doesn’t require a great deal of time. The second session will be post training. here is where i want you to do another HIIT session

but of 10-15min. These are the 2 best quality times to burn fat. Train abs daily, holding contraction cialis for 2-3 seconds per rep. You will and should feel like someone punched you in the gut. Now your training abs. Do 2 -3 exercises to failure, one set is sufficient since we are training them daily Good luck to you my friend… you may always look me up via twitter or IG @DRocBody viagra free trial for more tips and coaching. Daniel “D-Roc” Rocha Daniel Rocha NPC National Athlete  

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