My first NPC National show was in 2004. That year Mark Dugdale won and turned pro. It was my first experience that what I thought was my best, wasn’t even close to what this country has to offer. I competed only because I trained, thought it was the next step. I never thought I could make a living, that turning pro was or even could be a goal.

I’m this Mexican kid from El Paso … with the motto growing up … “Go to school get good grades, get a good job, and have a family… church time, say “Thank You Lord!”” None of this is wrong, or inappropriate, but working out was not anywhere in that motto. All I ever dreamed of was becoming an icon in life… I admired and followed powerful people…. I liked President Reagan. My father had these “business negotiation audio tapes” I listened to those as often as I could…. I was no gamer!

The beauty of every goal is the journey you will face. The beginning always begins with such excitement. The possibilities, the moment, the glory … all of what could be. It’s motivating, it’s chilling, and it’s invigorating. You dream it so vividly that you can almost feel it, taste it; you know in your heart its there.

But then the journey becomes a chore. The road is no longer lit. Its dark, its wet, its gloomy. The frustrations of everyday life are in your face. But this time amplified. Money seems scarce, loved one has betrayed you, kids sick, job no longer secure, home life just unhappy. What do you do? People now telling you that this dream… its stupid and tearing you apart.

Let me tell you that the road to your goal is never easy. Life will test you. Asking you to prove your worth. God does help those who help themselves but he did also give you free will. So your choices are in your face. The choices in the past now don’t seem so great anymore… choices in the present now have double meanings, and of course now your future is dim… no longer vivid.

Well its these dark moments that show what your worth and what your made of. Can you endure and believe in yourself so much that this goal will be achieved. Let me tell you… when your in the winners circle… its always worth it. You only lose if you truly stop the journey and get off the path.


Daniel Rocha
NPC National Athlete

DrocBody Fitness

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