Just do the work already

I have been generic viagra in this industry for almost 20 years. The road has not been easy and just when I was about to be content cialis tablets australia with what I had done, hang up my trunks and say farewell … BOOOM, I sky rocketed into a new level. Placing top 5 at a National Show, being in magazines, signing with a supplement company, and building my brand name. But now again the road has become tough. New lows, new challenges and new reasons to quit and live my life as Al Bundy …“I scored 4 touch downs for Polk High.”

Well, that has never been me. I see challenges as hidden opportunities and a reason to improve. I take the criticism, the put downs, the talk behind my back and give it validity. I look at myself in the mirror and ask myself… “Am I happy with http://pharmacyincanadian-store.com/ what I see?” It’s not easy at times because I do place value on what others think. Yea, yea… I heard you shouldn’t care about what people think. Well I think that’s BS, because it’s always the champ that we put down. Remember when we all use cialis vs viagra to say “BEAT LA!!!” No one ever says “BEAT PHILADELPIA!”

We cheer the underdog, the hungry and driven, but as soon as they make it, BAM, they are the target for ridicule. I like to watch “First Take” on ESPN with Steven A canada online pharmacy Smith and Skip Bayless as they find new ways to just argue and bring down athlete’s accomplishments. I sat there and thought, what assholes. Then I said, I can’t wait to be at that level. Because that would of meant, I MADE IT!!!

Let’s put down Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, Dwight Howard, Alex Rodriguez… but wait; they are the ones signing endorsements, big contracts, and

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playing at high level. All they need to do is PERFORM. Sounds easy. Well silden viagra this is where I admire mental strength of Lebron James, where a whole state hated him for leaving casino online the team, yet he went all the way to the NBA Finals 4 years in a row. viagra online generic WOW!!! To be able to put all that animosity, all that hate, all that anger, behind you and perform at that high level… that’s what and where I want to be.

My point is that I spoke to many of you this week. Talk about your challenges, woes and hurts. How hard life is and that focus is just not there. That maybe working out more, doing longer cardio, finding a new class will get you where you want to be. But when we talk about diet, following the set plan, or focusing on what the true goal is… wait let me put my seat belt on… the excuses and frustration begin. I get it, when it happens to you, IT’S DIFFERENT. Well it’s not. We all struggle, fight and argue, like things our way, and a certain way. Confusion and doubt set in and fear grows. Well think about the athletes above. taking viagra and cialis together The ridicule, the public humility, and criticism, yet they go out there and perform. They make no excuses; they just go out and do. Let viagra pills their talent take over and improve their skills at practice. You all have talent, and your skills will improve if you train them correctly. Welcome to the big leagues people … now cowboy up and get this goal accomplished. Stop asking for hand ups, the easy way out, and looking for loop viagra online generic holes. Just do the work already!

Follow me via IG and Twitter @DRocBody as I prep for the 2014 Phoenix Europa Championships. This will be fun.

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