Look in the Mirror

Just what is it like to be afraid, to face your demon head on. To engulf fears that are new cialis online generic and old. Life itself is scary, get used to it. There are no magical fixes, its up to you online cialis simply to do the work. I will tell you that the work is not easy. You will fall, you will be humbled, you will be viagra and cialis alternatives challenged, you will face

your demon twice over for the first time he cialis free trial made you think you defeated him. Haha, just so he can kick you again. Trust me, he is a dirty bastard. Each of you has talent that is what you were born with. But it’s your skill that needs to be developed. That only comes from hours and hours of hard work, ground and pound each and every day. The choice to no longer be a victim and start taking responsibility for your own actions. Just what did you do, what did you choose that put you where you are at today … The good, the bad and the ugly. People say they need motivation… I say to myself …”Really???” look around you, your kids, your spouse, your family, your dream, your home, your car, your ideas, your beliefs … all that is motivation. But for me… I LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!! Take that picture…ask myself “Am I satisfied?” My answer is what gives me my motivation. That answer is … Hell NO, I deserve so much more… thus I go to work. Cardio 3am… clients 5am… answer text messages all day, business meetings, dealing with my haters and shit talkers, train like a beast, eat the same thing everyday. I complain, its human nature but then I viagra online just keep going, I envision the dream, make it a goal viagra doses and set a date just when it will be accomplished. You are where your mind and thoughts say you will be. The cialis and stomach problems mind will visualize your true masterpiece. Find your passion. Create your true calling and cialis covered by health insurance live the life you want on your own terms. The time viagra generic online is now to GSD and go HAM… stop wasting more time. Follow and achieve, soon you online pharmacy all will be leaders. Daniel Rocha NPC National Athlete

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