Meditation: A Bodybuilder’s Perspective

As a bodybuilder… things can so compressed that it almost seems impossible to put it all together. Too many concerns and having to be so regime to a schedule. It seems that viagra shipped overnight at times we have no freedom. Training, cooking, preparing meals, stretching, posing, and that’s just for our sport. Many of us have full time jobs, kids, a spouse, pets etc … all that require our time. So I sat here and learned that the best response for everyday is to sit still. Too much commotion can cause chaos. Turn emotions into feelings and thus create hurt and despair. Buddha gave us the 5 Great Meditations…here are my interpretation of these truths… Meditation of Love: Think about the ones who have hurt you, criticized and put you down… wish the best for them and know that we all are going thru things. Your issues with one are often at times extensions of other and stronger situations in another area generic viagra online of that persons life. Meditation of Pity: Take all your sorrows and viagra generic pain and find a deep compassion for them in your soul. buy generic viagra Allow your very being to comfort you. Gaining pity from others than yourself loses an amount of respect as an individual. Quietly behind closed doors, only you know how to comfort your own mixing cialis and viagra being. Meditation viagra generic online of Joy: cialis generic online Think again of giving and thus you will is viagra over the counter canada receive. Joy comes when your are excited for others achievements and accomplishments. OMG, that’s unheard of…especially if we truly don’t want our enemy to succeed. But saying we don’t want for others leads to why we

cialis generic don’t receive what we want in our own life. Meditation of Impurity: Have you ever began to dream of just what you would do to your enemy. How you would trash him, slap so n so, fight and crush that person. They simply deserve generic viagra online a bitch slap… well this is the time to think of that and do so in your dream but follow it with the consequences. The issues and troubles it will cause. Allow those to stop you from truly doing the actions and save your reputation. Meditation of Serenity: Do you even know what serenity is? Its you above love and hate. Its you beyond tyranny and oppression, wealth or want… its you in a perfect state of bliss. No worries … no pain … like a cool pharmacy breeze on a hot day… Just perfect. Sit still until it calms down.   These are my own interpretations of some very positive truths. You don’t have to sit Indian style to meditate. Hum or make noise. All you have to do is take some time for you. The drive home, a bath, waking up a bit earlier to just enjoy the quiet. Find what works for you and allow your mind to sit still.   Till next time… Follow me on IG and Twitter @DRocBody  

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