Pursuit of a Dream

In pursuit of your dream… the ideas, the concepts, the moment you can almost feel … even before it happens. Everything seems to support and encourage the genericviagra-rxonline.com goal at hand. Music motivates you, movies tell you that it can be done, your meeting new and exciting people…wow, its all a possibility.

Now your halfway thru your journey… the road no longer paved, friends are no longer there. There are more whispers instead cheers. Haters seem to be popping everywhere. Music no longer your reinforcement. Now your dealing with issues. Now you have concerns. The sense viagra lawsuit of worry and doubt setting in. Fear has set in.

This is the journey… this is the real side to success. No one ever talks about how it was done, the pain you

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went thru, the friends that left you, family that abandoned you. We watch all our favorite superstars… wow, the cars, the money, the fame, how did they do it.

The generic cialis online pursuit of a dream… its not easy. The viagra generic demons you will fight. The voices in your head you begin to hear clearly. The devil is making you go insane. Faith is lost, hope is gone. Your losing, failing at every corner. Now what do you do????

YOU KEEP GOING!!!! Yes that’s right, you keep going. The stress is casino online a moment, the haters are few, the issues are temporary. it’s the moment where you ask to die, where you begin to live. Don’t go astray. Don’t take yourself off the path. Your not drowning, your swimming.

This is the moment where you have gratitude for what you do have. Appreciation for what is in front of pills like viagra you. Restore faith by believing in yourself. Hope will return because every success moment will create a stairway going up. Nothing will change if you stop.

Success is before you…. It can be felt … it can be seen … now keep going!!!!

Daniel “DRoc” Rocha

Daniel Rocha, Master Trainer and Nutritionist. He is also a life coach, where he uses Fitness as a means of finding inner strength, teaching individuals how to single-handedly transform their bodies, health and lives. People from all over the world schedule private telephone and Skype consultations with Daniel and seek his counsel contacting him via Facebook, Twitter…Read More

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