Sculpted & Toned Droc Style..

By Daniel Rocha

Are you self-conscious about your legs? Do you dread the thought of wearing shorts-let alone a swimsuit? Eek the softness huh!? Maybe you think your calves are too skinny or you hate that your thighs rub together and your buns jiggle when you walk. Oh my goodness did I just say that, yea I did, only because you think it. So how can you fix it?

Here are just a few exercises do to get that toned and tight look that they know they should have…

#1: The Lunge
Arguably the best leg exercise, the lunge works pretty much every leg muscle as well as your buttocks. There are many variations to the simple lunge, but to do the basic lunge, stand up straight and tighten your core. I prefer walking lunges, about 20 feet and to do both beginning and at end of training session. I also have my girls do 2 lunges with every step for added intensity.

#2: The Squat
Perhaps the second-best full-leg workout is the squat. This powerhouse of an exercise works your glutes, hips and thighs all in one shot. We do all kinds of squats… bodyweight squats, hack squats, smith machine squats, jump squats, sissy squats. Then we also use a variety of foot positions. From feet wide for inner thigh use, to feet together for sweep. I always have my girls go to parallel so that full use of all the muscles are activated.

#3: The Mountain Climber
This leg exercise mimics the movement of climbing a steep mountain. The faster you climb (move your legs) the more of a cardio workout you’ll get as well. Simple yet effective exercise. I have my girls do 50 total reps right after a set of squats, any style.

#4: The Step-Up
Step-ups are great because they mimic movements you perform on a daily basis. This exercise works your legs and gets your heart pumping. When you do this exercise you can hold a dumbbell in each hand to increase resistance. In addition, you’ll need some sort of step. This could be a bottom stair, sturdy box, or low stable chair. To increase intensity and muscle usage, I have the girls step over a bench. It takes coordination but wow, what a work out.

#5: The Bodyfriend Maker… Ok the abductor
Not a hard exercise bu8t I do have the girls squeezed and hold each rep for 1-3 sec and do up to 30 reps. Yes your buns will burn and cramp up. But as you know a good butt does get you lots of attention. How you handle it is up to you.

But there you have it. Just a few exercises that we use doing our training routines. A solid strength training routine will tone your legs, lift your buns, strengthen your core, and will result in healthy weight loss. If you’re ready to begin your body transformation then feel free to reach out to me. Email me at and for coaching services

Daniel Rocha
NPC National Athlete

DrocBody Fitness

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