Success: A 3 Step Plan

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the plan??? 1st: Have the desire to be better. cialis erection 2nd: The will to improve and 3rd: The courage to face your fears. Now your ready! generic viagra online   Its not always easy to fix your mistakes… bad habits, excuses, fear, doubt … you name it, but these are things you will convince yourself generic viagra online of. I’m too old, its too late for me, I don’t make that kind of money, I’m not educated, I have kids, I’m married, I’m divorced, I’m sick, I have a this disease, I have no car, I hate my car, I hate my clothes, dieting sucks, I want it now, I‘m not patient, viagra canadian pharmacy paypal I’m tired in the afternoon, I’m tired in the morning … buy viagra online I am sure you cialisonline-rxgeneric have used if not are using one or more of these excuses.   Why??? Because they were told to me this week by at least one of you all. I am only the architect along this journey of yours. It is up to you to be and become the builder. Nothing will get done with just wishes and prayers. God does hear you, so you don’t have to tell him every day, every minute, but what you have to do is get off your butt and do the work. No more excuses, no more obstacles, simply find the way to G.S.D.   Nothing is impossible but I see and read all over twitter and face book, how so many people are doing so much…. I’m at the gym, I am eating egg whites, I am taking this fat burner. Basically saying that we owe you a compliment to your dedication and will to succeed. But then you take the same pic using your camera phone… NOT PROGRESS PICS, the same pic from the same angle, from the same spot, the same pose. Then I meet some, and I get the list of excuses why they are not at their best. Why they are struggling to accomplish the goal. People its really pharmacy online simple… stop advertising and start doing.   At times yes the diet sucks, life will become emotional. It will present situations that are not comfortable and unsafe. But is that a reason to give up, to cheat, to sneak around , or be deceitful. Your only fooling yourself. I am not a wizard, but I valid canadian online pharmacy have gone thru and used many of these excuses myself along my journey. I like chips, popcorn, cookies. I eat at night, fall to romance, to fights, to responsibility that have to take preference. But I correct these along my journey. I have to become the example and it is not always easy. To look at myself and say online viagra “Damn, I have so much to work on!” is bruising to the ego but I viagra super active do so to give you the hope that you can conquer your own demons. “Hey if Daniel can, I know I will!”   So look at yourself and know you are 3 steps away from your dream. It is that close, now grab it. So much more to do in this life.  

Daniel Rocha
NPC National Athlete
[email protected]
IG and Twitter @DRocBody

  Daniel Rocha, Master Trainer and Nutritionist. He is also a life coach, where he uses Fitness as a means of finding inner strength, teaching individuals how to single-handedly transform their bodies, health and lives. People from all over the world schedule private telephone and Skype consultations with Daniel and seek his counsel contacting him via Facebook, Twitter…Read More

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