Do you have "THICK SKIN"?

Sunday morning… cant sleep. Decided to do cardio that much earlier. Began to think about the things that we all go thru and place emphasis on. Last week was pretty interesting because I got told some really dumb things. The confidence or arrogance that some have is just amazing and yet when you do the same thing back to them, the reaction is unbelievable

I do this sport because I simply love it. I push myself because many said I couldn”t, that because of my ethnicity I had no chance. I have fought and overcome hate, ridicule, bullying, and

criticism. I have dealt with financial issues, relationship problems, injuries, and health concerns. I have faced my personal demons and at times fell to their generic cialis online knees. But I endured, I keep going, I cialis versus viagra see the opportunity ahead despite at times being in buy viagra now a dark place.

All of us are faced with some issue. We all are battling something. Have people we don”t like. Talk trash about a situation or event. I don”t believe any of us are immune to the fact that we have been in some sort of conflict this week. It’s angered us, frustrated a situation and made some things worse.

I would love to say and believe that we must all love one another and communicate. But at times this is not the case. Rather simply it doesn”t occur like the way we want or predict. We all gain some sort of confidence and “puff” up. “Yea, I”d kick his ass if he ever…” is something we all say at one point or another. But that really never happens so stop fooling yourself. Use these moments as fuel to continue your journey.

The beauty of this sport is that in fact teaches us to have thick skin. You either learn to cope with the 2 cent comments, the criticism, the put downs, or you fall short of the dream and never truly accomplish what you set out to achieve. I cialis testimonials have witnessed the ones who casino online fell to criticism and them now have become the critic. They put down everything they see. Pass opinion when not asked and walk around with a false sense of confidence. These are the ones who have done nothing or worse never fully accomplished their dream so they put down others.

My only answer to you is to not argue with the simple minded but keep going. The road ahead is scary, dark and unpaved. You will fall, you buy generic viagra will fail, and you will face your demon. But these are no reasons to stop. If you truly want to fight your haters … succeed. Succeed in all you do. Win championships, make lots of money, get the big house, the fancy car, does generic cialis work have the educated children. One by one your haters will drop off. The more you succeed, the more you set a standard.

So this is my journey … and for that person who said, “you don”t have thick skin” and the other who said, “I will be just as prepared as you” I send you my viagra free trial best. I will continue forward and let my accomplishments prove my worth.

Daniel Rocha
NPC National Athlete


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