Work smarter … Not harder!

When I was a kid, my favorite cartoon was Duck Tales. Don”t laugh its cialis true. I was a huge Scrooge Mc Duck fan. In fact I loved Scrooge period. I have always been drawn to people doing successful things and the power they had. It was very influential for me. I liked movies like “Secret to my Success” and all the James Bond films with Roger Moore. I wanted to be more like Alex P Keeton, than Magnum PI. One line… that’s all it was … one line “Work Smarter Not Harder” Scrooge Mc Duck I”m sure the quote was from someone else in history, but for me… it was Duck Tales and that’s why I watched it. I wanted to be smarter… not work harder… You see, my dad had bought his first duplex when we were kids. The concept of having income property to help out with my brother’s and my future, seemed like a good idea and to an extent it was. I attended Cathedral High (Catholic all boys College Prep School) and yes I did finish college, all done so with this investment my dad made. Now it wasn”t all fun and games. Guess who the maintenance people were… yup… mobile casino my brother and me. We were not limited to any job. Landscaping, roofing, plumbing, painting, you name it, we did it. Now I would like to say that this duplex was genericviagra-rxonline a in a good part of town, but it wasn”t. Very close to what most would call the “barrio” The people were poor and never had much, and we got lucky having some good tenants, but we”d show up on a Saturday morning and there was always cialis online a project to do. Well we did every job, got dirty, took

things apart and put them back. It was rewarding to see the old lady’s face see generic viagra online generic viagra her shower brand new, or the new tile installed. She was always so grateful she would make us fresh tortillas and sometimes if there was time, have a good quesadilla. Now my smile would leave because I would get home, look at myself in the mirror and see myself so filthy. My dad would come in my room, say “Thank You mijo!” and hand me $50 … I should have been grateful generic viagra but I was up at 7 am, worked from 8 am till sometimes 6pm depending on the job, and looked like I was homeless I was so dirty…that I did my math… 11 hour viagra day… $50… Damn that turns out to $4.54 an hour… I would of rather have worked for free and had great Mexican food, but this taught me a valuable lesson. Work smarter not harder… a line I always remembered. Who cialis online genericgeneric cialis lives like this??? Why would you want to live like this??? I chose after learning this lesson that hard labor wasn”t for me. I wanted to be like Bond, live like Scrooge Mc Duck, and have adventure. I wanted to be surrounded by beautiful women, and work with business people. I loved the bank and learning words like investment, interest rate, and dividends. I have taken this line and built my success around it. Even with bodybuilding, when I feel its becoming stressful, I stop, sit still and let some things be. I start become creative and see what I can do to produce better results in shorter amount of time. One line…that’s all it took. I apply it viagra patent expiration daily and thus it has never let me down. Maybe it will help you!!!   Daniel Rocha NPC National Athlete

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